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Classes Virtual
through November 30 2022

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy Core Training

CCAR Recovery Coach Core Trainings - 30 hours

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy 2020-Colorado Resident


CCAR Recovery Coach Certification in 30 hours over 4 days of IC & RC approved Peer Trainings from CCAR which is recognized for the Colorado State Peer Credential,  NAADAC Peer Credential, and the CCAR Recovery Coach Professional Designation.

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy TOT


Participants who are interested in learning how to train the CCAR RCA Curriculum are also invited to register for an Optional RCA Training of Trainers Program scheduled to run each day following the RCA from 5:30p-7:30p. Optional TOT can be added at registration for an additional $650. TOT available on selected trainings only. Please contact us @800-604-8978

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy 2020


Non-Colorado Resident

CCAR Recovery Coach Certification in 30 hours over 4 days of IC & RC approved Peer Training from CCAR which is applicable for the Colorado State Peer Credential,  NAADAC Peer Credential, and the CCAR Recovery Coach Professional Designation.

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy - For Companies, Teams, and Groups over 8

If you are looking to train your team or teams within a larger organization with the CCAR trainings,  PCA/Embark will negotiate a daily rate, provide manuals and provide your group the training which can include onsite or our locations, one-time or over the period of a year..Negotiated Rates. Call 800-604-8978.

Recovery Coach Accreditation Track - 64 Hours

60 hours of IC & RC Accredited Recovery Coach Trainings are eligible for at least 3 Credentials- Colorado Peer Credential, NAADAC Peer Credential, CCAR Recovery Coach Professional - Includes Part 1 (Core Training) and Part 2 Ethics & Professionalism

Professional Accreditation Track

$975 Per Person




  • NAADAC Peer Credential- Satisfies the requirement for the NAADAC Credential minus 6 hours of Infectious Disease. Click here for more information




  • CCAR- RCP   Provides an immediate acknowledgement of professional approach to coaching- includes well as the 60 hours of training. Verbal Exam required. www.addictionrecoverytraining.org

Professional Accreditation Track Options

30 hours of IC & RC Approved Recovery Coach Trainings

Part 2 Selections- Credential and Accreditation


  • 16 hours Ethical Considerations- plus 2 hours 

  •  Webinar Education


  • 12 hours of Spirituality for Coaches

  • OR

  • 12 hours of Recovery Coaching and Professionalism.

  • 6 hours of MAT/Medication Supported Recovery

Embark/PCA Team Will Supervise Your Coaches

$50 month/$495 annual

12 months with 1 hour each month of supervision by Zoom or in person. 

Supervisor Tasks:


  • Actively request feedback from Recovery Coach 

  • Give regular constructive feedback  

  • Identify strengths 

  • Address areas for growth 

  • Set professional goals 

  • Develop and refine skills and abilities .


PCA Peer Supervisor holds a Colorado Peer and Family Support Credential and a CCAR Recovery Coach Professional Designation. 

Part 2 Selections - TOT (Training of Trainers)

$300 per training

Participants who are interested in learning how to train the CCAR Ethics, Professionalism, or Spirituality trainings are also invited to register for an optional -Training of Trainers Program at an additional $300 per curriculum. TOT is available on selected trainings only. Contact us for more information

Continuing Peer Education

1, 2, & 3 Day Recovery Coach Trainings

CCAR Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches


The issue of ethical considerations has been discussed in many circles  yet formal training has been lacking for recovery coaches.  


  • Understand what ethics are and why ethics are so important when performing Recovery Coach Services

  • Learn how to stay in your lane as a recovery coach

  • Understand the decision making process

  • Develop guidelines for making ethical decisions

  • Apply the new learning to your every day work as an RC 

  • 16 hours CEU's.

CCAR Professionalism and Recovery Coaches


  • Define professionalism for recovery coaching;

  • Learn about & develop characteristics that a professional possesses;

  • Understand personal accountability in their role as recovery coaches;

  • Learn the importance of  “stay in their lane” when it comes to working in a large system, like a hospital, court,  treatment system;

  • Reexamine the roles of a recovery coach in order to maintain good boundaries when working as a professional;

  • Practice and demonstrate newly acquired skills.

  • 12 hours CEU's.

CCAR Spirituality for Recovery Coaches


  • Define spirituality.

  • Explore personal beliefs and values as it comes to spirituality.

  • Discover how to work with others whose spiritual beliefs may be different than yours.

  • Learn about the tools, resources, and language needed for a recovery coach to address spirituality in a way that is inclusive.

  • 12 hours CEU's 

CCAR Recovery Coaching in the Emergency Department


  • Describe the roles and functions of the Recovery Coach working in the Emergency Department;

  • Understand and practice staying in your lane;

  • Develop skills to advocate and educate staff, patients, etc.  as a way to demonstrate accountability within the role;

  • Use of Motivational Interviewing (MI) to bring people through the stages of change into Recovery;

  • Further develop your art of Recovery Coaching.

  • 12 hours CEU's 




12 CEU’s

Recovery coaching is growing as a profession due to its effectiveness in not only helping people find
recovery but staying in recovery. We see coaches deployed in a wide variety of settings and as such,
coaches are supervised by a wide range of positions…and not everyone who is overseeing the coaches
understands fully the unique nature of the role. In many cases, we see Peer Supervision models as an
attempt that does not truly align with the recovery coaching model?

Participants in this two-day workshop will:

• Define expectations of Recovery Coach oversight
• Understand the complexity and intricacy of the Recovery Coach role
• Understand how organizational culture can support a Coachervision model
• Learn the importance of accountability for both the Coachervisor and Recovery Coach
• How to support Recovery Coaches in professional settings

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy For Young Adults


30 CEU’s

Young Adults Need Recovery Coaches too! More and more the population of persons
seeking recovery from an addiction is getting younger and younger.  Coaches who can speak the
language of a younger generation can greatly impact their access to sustained long-term recovery.

Participants in this course will learn to:

  • Describe the roles and functions of a recovery coach

  •  List the fundamental principles of recovery coaching

  • Explore different definitions and pathways of recovery

  • Build communication skills to enhance relationships

  • Discover attitudes about self-disclosure & sharing your story

  • Understand the role of belief systems and values in the coaching relationship

  • Describe the different roles and applications for recovery coaching

  • Increase awareness of culture, power & privilege

  • Address ethical & boundary issues

  • Experience recovery wellness planning

  • Practice newly acquired skills

CCAR Recovery Coaching Basics:

Introduction for All


A one-day training designed to help you gain a better understanding of the recovery

This training is based on CCAR’s flagship training, the Recovery Coach Academy (RCA) and is a basic, introductory version of Recovery Coaching designed to meet the needs of those who want a general understanding of the recovery process to better  support the recovery of their loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Whether you use it to improve your relationships with those in or seeking recovery or apply it to your own recovery… you will be transformed.

Participants in this course will learn to:


  • Define and increase fluency in the language of recovery

  • Build capacity to understand, support and advocate for recovery

  •  Learn about specific skill sets key to supporting recovery

  •  Create a learning community to advance the recognition, acceptance and support of recoveryConsultation and On-Site Trainings -

Onsite Training and Technical Assistance–Embark/PCA is willing to host visitors to one of our sites, or our staff can come to you, for technical assistance, training, or customized presentations about recovery, Rod’s Journey of Recovery or our Statewide effort to grow recovery support.

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