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Group Support @Sober Jo's


People are often wary of group therapy at first. The thought of talking about your problems with a bunch of strangers can be intimidating. However, many people are pleasantly surprised by how much they end up liking group therapy and how much they get out of it. Group therapy has become a staple in most quality addiction treatment programs. This is partly because it’s an effective way of treating more clients at less cost. Many studies have found group therapy is just as effective as individual therapy for many conditions including substance use disorders and most co-occurring mental health issues. Group therapy allows clients to benefit from more hours of treatment at less cost but there are also ways clients can benefit from group therapy more than individual therapy, including the following.

You learn you’re not alone.

It helps you feel connected.

It helps you improve your communication skills.

You get a broader range of feedback.

You can practice new skills.

The group lets the facilitator (and yourself) see how you interact with others.

Here is a list of our current group offerings. These change periodically so it may be best to call 800-604-8978 to check about availabilty and current listings.

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