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Ryan Morgan’s goal in life has always been to remain true to himself, but unfortunately, along the way he got lost in the mix. He began to veer off at an early age, starting a relationship with alcohol and drugs at 15.


In and out of mental health and substance abuse programs, rehabs, and prison, Ryan eventually entered a re-entry program dedicated to dual diagnosis treatment, that changed his life.


As a single father, Ryan’s world revolves around his daughter. He is passionate about recovery and wants to be a support for at least one, if not many people.


Ryan says: “GOD is LOVE and LOVE is GOD”.


Christopher DeWinter is a graphic designer, webmaster, author, and maker. He has been helping Rod to promote recovery in Colorado since 2015.


Outside EmbarkPCA, Christopher teaches yoga and designs jewelry and other unique gift items that he calls “Jewels of Meaning”. He lives in San Francisco, CA, with his husband, and their Chihuahua Diego, who is barking and wagging his tail right now.


Christopher has been happily sober since 2016, and believes the best path to recovery is the one you discover for yourself.


Carmen Jackson is a Colorado Certified Peer and Family Specialist and a CCAR Recovery Coach. She is trained in MAT, Harm Reduction, Choices in Recovery, CRAFT, Seeking Safety, Finding Your Best Self and various other recovery/trauma/mental health models. She uses almost 18 years lived experience in substance use disorder, trauma and justice system involvement to support and encourage others in their recovery.

   Carmen says, "Peer support is my calling. It's always come naturally to me. Through helping others in their recovery, I continually learn and grow in my own recovery. Recovery opened my heart. Now I see possibilities, where I used to see problems. The love I have for the 'me' I've found in recovery is something I want others to feel. I create the joy I want. I have every desire to share this joy."

   Carmen is the Managing Supervisor of Sober Jo’s Recovery Community Center. She looks forward to her daily interactions with other people in or seeking recovery. She is honored to be part of the recovery community. She enjoys all things spiritual, nature, crafting and time with family and friends.



In 2021, Natalia Viveros relocated to Colorado Springs from Connecticut. Through AmeriCorps, she will be working at PCA as a service member, doing outreach through the peer support programs we offer.


Natalia wants to see more folks use services for substance abuse recovery, so that they may reclaim their lives and rebuild family relationships. She became interested in healthcare access and substance abuse recovery after her experiences in college.

Natalia looks forward to working with young adults, to create a space to have open conversations about substance use and dealing with emotional stress.


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