How to buy a suit online that really fits….       1. HOW TO KNOW YOUR SIZE Don’t go in blind. There are plenty of guides online to measuring yourself. There are also guides online to peeling potatoes with a drill. We’ve yet to follow either. Have someone else measure you—ideally someone who works with suits IRL. Easiest way is to stop by your local tailor and ask them to give you basic measurements. It’s typically free of charge, but remember to leave a tip. 2. BUY FROM EXPERTS Selling suits online is what some brands do best. Suitsupply, J Crew, Club Monaco, even Bonobos all maintain sites with their own comprehensive guides to walk you through the process. Once you know your measurements, they make it easy to customize your selection. 3. INVESTIGATE THE DETAILS Just like you would in the store, be sure to pay close attention to all the little details that make your suit your suit. Peak lapel? Buttons working on the cuff? Full or half canvas? Linen? Wool? Cotton? There are infinite options, make sure you get exactly what you want. 4. DON’T GET TOO WEIRD Chartreuse windowpane and baby blue glen plaid are probably not the move for online. Stick to the basics, like solids and pinstripes so you know what to expect when the package comes in the mail. Plaids and patterns are best explored in person. 5. EXPECT A RUN TO THE TAILOR Retailers have perfected fit so well that you should only need finishing touches like a light hem, a nip the sides, and shortened sleeves. Let the suit break in before doing any major alterations. Give it a month and the suit will form to your body. 6. LOOK FOR SALES AND BUY CHEAP Consider buying a suit online the same as buying a suit at a flea market: an excellent thing to stumble on at a great price. Once you’ve got your size down, go nuts. There are infinite deals out there. Comparison shop. Sign up for newsletters at shops you like and wait for sales. Purchase in the off season. The internet is waiting to save you money. Take advantage of it.

i began reading gentleman’s quarterly magazine (and leafing through longingly) in the early 1980’s. i learned what tattersall  and windowpane checks were through gq. i heard about the mary quant make-up box for men through gq. i studied and developed an art to layering through gq. it had always seemed a trendmaker to me. hell- they used the first letters of their name gq long before it was the thing.

but as my life developed and my waistline expanded, the outer image became less a priority and i really hadn’t seen or thought about the magazine in at least ten years.

so imagine my surprise when i picked one up at the airport during my last trip to connecticut. i was astounded at the beauty of its diversity. multiples of fashion photographs of black me, brown men and asian men in one issue. not just the tokenism that i have become so used to. an actual myriad of races making up and representing in true urban american style.

the fashion is no longer to my taste- or most of it. the back cover looks like an homage to tim burton’s dark shadows- which is not a look that appeals to me outside a costume party. probably because i lived through the 70’s.  i did appreciate the nod to midnight blue which seems to be one “color” for the year. i love the toe cap dress shoes- especially in any brown. and i liked the shoulder bag which rests across the chesst- although it’s doubtful that i will actually purchase or use one. and i smirked with glee at the “11 things I want to buy this week” article. the oxford with the 2 asymetric stripes on the collar seems especially chic.

anyway, i hadn’t seen a gq in awhie. i am certain this post is showing my age, but i don’t think it’s good to hide it anyhow i’m too seasoned to spend $400 for a chambray shirt,, no matter how “today” it is. those mortgage payments just keep coming. but gq will always hold a niche in my heart.

#aging #fashion #gq #lgbtissues

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