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i mentioned earlier that my friends at rockethouse design are helping me rebrand my image and update to this decade’s improvements. i have long been multitasking while i am working at whatever career goals i have been pursuing. this time period proves to be no different. along with my dabbling in blogging these last 9 years, i have dabbled in alternative efforts to generate income and have dabbled in philanthropy. my intention is to continue wih both of these.

with regard to professional endeavors, i have managed to become an addictions counselor which has generated some revenue over the previous 8 years. more recently i became a certified recovery coach trainer which has also added to my revenue streams. i have collaborated with private chefs and with private clients to produce fine dining events which have been both successful and lucrative.

the philanthropic side of me has been involved in the formation of  a peer run not-for-profit entity providing education and information to hiv positive individuals in colorado. i started a newseltter during that process and brought a peer mentoring training to the colorado area which was hijacked by a private clinic but remains somewhat in tact to this day.

also on the not-for-profit side, i am currently co-producing recovery coach trainings in collaboration with a peer-run not-for-profit which focuses on wellness trainings and advocacy. i am collaborating with a consulting client to provide trainings for their peers in exchange for the use of training space with the intention of developing a peer recovery sensibility throughout their system of health care.

Two summers ago I spent time in beautiful salida, colorado and i came across a gallery called art & salvage. there i encountered these whimiscal and enchanting salvage pieces with folk paintings on them, many of those images being “birds on a wire”. i was immediately transfixed and have parlayed that infatuation with the new branding from rockethouse.

it has been a quick back and forth as we discussed options. i have decided to go with the above image because it is explicitly birds on a wire (which in my mind is a metaphor for peer support) and one of the birds is in flight- also a metaphor. i chose lavender as the color as it ads a subtle lgbt reference to the story.

keep calm  ask for peer support

keep calm ask for peer support

on the origin of the term “bird on a wire”

“Off the top of my head I think it is something to do with the practice of putting ‘lime’ on wire fences or creating wire perches in order to trap songbirds – their feet stuck to the lime. Hence the image of something fragile struggling in vain to escape.”

“I always heard that the ‘wire’ was a telephone line, not a tether. “Like bird on a wire” meant someone who knew what was going on as if they overheard your phone conversations.”

“When I read the title of this post the first thing I thought of was a bird sitting on a telephone wire/power line (as they often do) and not of a bird tied to a wire.

In this sense, in conjunction with the lyrics of the song supplied by Trisia, it might mean to have freedom in that only birds can fly up the wire to sit on it.”

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