a humble nod to de-evolution

front and back covers of Devos first record

front and back covers of Devos first record

with the passing of bob casales of devo, i thought it appropriate to share just a smidgeon of their legacy and certainly my personal favorite. the 2 original band founders, casale and myers, progressed from a vision of playfulness and satire, and remained true to that core quality for as long as i remember. they were attending art school when they got together, and their visual and sensory impact was just as powerful as their rhythm tracks and insightful qualities. i will always remember the quintessential version of “satisfaction” originally by the rolling stones. it’s distinct sound and bass elements set them apart from so many in my mind. i lovingly remember feeling the freedom to go crazy when i heard it on a dance floor at the turn of the 1980’s. i am posting a ’77 version performed at cbgb’s as well as a 1980 vid version crafted for mtv. the evolution of the d-evolution quartet is undeniably intelligent.  there will always be gratitude in my heart and mind for the heart and soul you brought with your passion.  thank you bob- et al.

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