all yours

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all the lives, always tempted to trade Will they hate me for all the choices I’ve made Will they stop when they see me again? I can’t stop now I know who I am

Now I’m all yours, I’m not afraid and you’re all mine, say what they may and all your love I’ll take to my grave and all my life starts now Tear me down they can’t take you out of my thoughts Under every scar there’s a battle I’ve lost Will they stop when they see us again? I can’t stop now I know who I am

sometimes i just find myself in a precarious situation. it how life goes. no matter how “right” my intentions are, no matter calculated my moves are, every once in awhile, and almost blindsightedly, i am in the clutches of danger and the possibility of failing is upon me.

this is not something i am easily becoming use to. but it is surprising me less and frightening me with increased infrequency. i find being less frightened a bonus. i don’t like being scared any longer. i used to love being scared, mostly because of the adrenalin rush i think, but now i find all that very uncomfortable and avoid it any turn.

i went to see “eclipse” last evening. i really do think it the best of the 3 twilight films. the theme for me was all around adjusting to change and accepting life on life’s terms. the vampires and the werewolves hate each other, but in order to keep their seperate and peaceful enclaves in tact, they must band together to address a newborn challenge borne out of vengeance for a loved one lost from another tribe. there are so many metaphors here that i won’t get started, but suffice it to say that being willing to change, even if one is not ready to change, can open the doors to change. i often suggest to the patients i work with that if they give themselves permission to be different, then perhaps a space for that to happen will emerge in their lives.

this can only be just as true for me. and just as edward and jacob continue to argue with pettiness over bella, when they dig deeper to consider losing her completely, they realize that they both respect the other’s feelings for her, just as they recognize their own feelings. and change occurs.

if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely get on it. it is smart, it’s campy, it’s a modern cult classic, and it is sexy. can’t ask for much more for $10.  oh and the music is fantastic, too!

here is metric with “all yours” from the “eclipse” soundtrack…

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