An American Portrait

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I just finished a much needed nap after swimming in the brazenly simple stories of life, trauma, and survival that are layered so effortlessly into the film “Manchester by the Sea”.

The stunning example of simple American prose is rife with honesty which washed over me repeatedly like an Nor’easter spray and reminded me of the experiences, thoughts, and feelings that are so hard and so painful that we take years of our lives Gerry rigging our hearts to go on.

My heart opened and closed like an active Venus flytrap. Whether trying to catch sustenance or hide for survival is not clear. I do know that an old emotional band-aid  feels as it has been ripped away leaving me an opportunity to heal anew.

‘I won’t delve into the storyline itself here, because the unawares I had while watching carried inspiration. But the performances felt real. The film’s timing is deliberate and snail-like. The sound is minimal but the silence is where the story screams. And it screams in memories and tears.

i loved this movie. I can’t say I’ll watch it over and over as I do “Avatar”, but I will keep this picture close to me. Maybe fold it and keep it in my wallet. I believe life can be excruciating, just as much as it is wonderful. I have true respect for that concept. I hold it as fact and honor it. And I believe the story that is “Manchester by the Sea” is true and seeped in fact.

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