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“Human life is a most difficult classroom until you learn the simple fact that your truth is your power, your salvation, your fulfillment, your purpose and your way. Once you can truly believe that, life becomes the joyous and abundant garden that it was meant to be..” 

~ from Emmanuel’s Book

i probably am jinxing our opportunity tomorrow by writing about it here, but i am excited enough to try to make it more real. as i’ve mentioned, we are moving forward with implementing a peer-to-peer network at my workplace. a grant has been written and within that process a framework was created for roll out. we are approaching another funding stream tomorrow and i have been asked to go along to discuss the concept, the framework, and the nuts and bolts. 

this represents a step in a direction i have at once coveted and doubted. this could very well mean that the mania-driven dreamstorming i have been doing this last year within the parameters of several organizations might stand a chance to have some life breathed into them. and beyond my own process and aspirations, it means that this idea of “recovery community” might actually become part of the architecture of public health substance treatment in colorado. ergo- our citizens with no resources might have more support when trying to put their lives back together- and that would be supplied very often by people just like them. this is like a multi-layer ganache cake to me.

the photograph of maria callas  is posted today because whenever i think of arias, i first think of her. she just might always represent the premier diva to me. she captivated a planet when she put her mind to it and she literally breathed life into an art form that had nearly become a museum exhibit. she was bright, talented, inspired. she was difficult, provocative, and a classic. she made no apologies. 

i googled aria as audition and came across a site named and found that there were 5 tips offered as follows.

1) Know your voice and your range and stick to them.

2) Select a diverse group of arias within your range.

3) Always start your auditions with the aria that is most solid in your voice and your heart.

4) Knowing the whole role is not necessary for your audition.

5) Always represent and present your personal brand.

so i will head to the meeting tomorrow with these tips in mind and some blueprints i have been working on. i am sharing them here to review the offerings. first there is the submitted grant- 18 pages of an outline. then there are some window dressings- 

1) A plan to implement and develop a coaching academy for our part of the country.

2) A plan to implement a volunteer workforce and addition to our campus.

3) Creating a value system from our peers to infiltrate our processes and help shift from a medical model.

4) Invite and support a multi-cultural peer network with the resilience necessary to speak to our population.

5) Create positive events for our recovering community to participate in with the intention of creating a recovery community.

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