bang a gong

i am starting today’s post with this pic of dot marie-jones who plays coach beiste on glee. i absolutely love the complete taboo that surrounds her character in that show. a very butch-ish female football coach for a teenage boy’s program. i know that as i watched the premier i tingled the first moments she was on screen. part of me wanted to laugh, part of me was completely intrigued, and i think there was a little fear that was mustered too. i can’t wait to see more of the beiste… bang a gong..

i have always identified with the oddball and the underdog. from a very young age, i felt extremely different and less-than somehow. of course, almost a half-century later, i understand there is not the chasm i then felt between myself and the rest of my peers, but knowing something does not change the feelings that germinated in grammar school. those feelings remain still, although much diluted, and crop up now and again to cloud my judgement or light my way…. still a freak… get it on.

i am headed to grand lake for the weekend. staying at the shadowcliff lodge, we are just kinda hanging out. there should be about 12 of us. some will go to dinner tonight- i get in too late for that- and some will go to rocky mountain repertory theatre tomorrow to see “always patsy cline”. i am hoping to read a little, be a little lazy, and have some laughs…… get outa dodge…. bang a gong.

the autumn 2010 issue of the newsletter is in its final drafting process. dwarf mountain has recently started to do the layout and the editing for me and i am very happy with the process thus far. maybe i’m lazy, but i try to stick to the things i can excel with in order to keep my spirits high. if i were to delve into the graphic realm, i may very well get stuck in ocd perfectionism…. almost done…. get it on.

i made pear and raspberry crumble yesterday. it is very thick- 3-4 inches- and probably has too much brown sugar. i will take to work today, but i doubt somehow that people will complain much about too much sugar. something tells me that most folks enable that sort of behavior….. brown sugar…. bang a gong.

i must read robert breining’s post at positive lite and once again find it remarkable that so many gay men who are positive have histories with meth. it may just be that ex-tweakers jump out at me, or that there is a real cultural aspect to all this and it is far from over. it seems that many of the comrades i have encounter online have very similar stories and that they are all working in very “positive” directions now. (double entendre intended). it’s as if the meth use and subsequent drama has fueled an introspection and re-evaluation of purpose…. angels of mercy… are you a good witch or a bad witch?… get it on.. 

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