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the past is catching up no escape from this mental hell reliving it again.... ptsd haiku

the past is catching up no escape from this mental hell reliving it again…. ptsd haiku

When things fall apart and we’re on the verge of we know not what, the test for each of us is to stay on that brink and not concretize.  The spiritual journey is not about heaven and finally getting to a place that’s really swell.  In fact, that way of looking at things is what keeps us miserable.  Thinking that we can find some lasting pleasure and avoid pain is what in Buddhism is called samsara, a hopeless cycle that goes round and round endlessly and causes us to suffer greatly.  The very first noble truth of Buddha points out that suffering is inevitable for human beings as long as we believe that things last – that they don’t disintegrate, that they can be counted on to satisfy our hunger for security.  From this point of view, the only time we ever know what’s really going on is when the rug’s been pulled out and we can’t find anywhere to land.  We use these situations either to wake ourselves up or to put ourselves to sleep.  Right now – in the very instant of groundlessness – is the seed of taking care of those who need our care of discovering our goodness… 

Life is a good teacher and a good friend.  Things are always in transition, if we could only realize it.  Nothing ever sums itself up in the way that we like to dream about.  The off-centre, in-between state is an ideal situation, a situation in which we don’t get caught and we can open our hearts and minds beyond limit.  It’s a very tender, nonaggressive, open-ended state of affairs.

To stay with that shakiness – to stay with a broken heart, with a rumbling stomach, with the feeling of hopelessness and wanting to get revenge – that is the path of true awakening.  Sticking with that uncertainty, getting the knack of relaxing in the midst of chaos, learning not to panic – that is the spiritual path.  Getting the knack of catching ourselves, of gentling and compassionately catching ourselves, is the path of the warrior…”

i am emerging from another bout, albeit minimal, of the resurgence of a tidal wave of memory. it’s really astonishing how very technicolor and widescreen trauma can be.

thank you universe for allowing me the grace to remain upright after the whoosh of synapses.

Your construction Smells of corruption I manipulate to recreate This air to ground saga Gotta launder my karma

I said hallelujah to the sixteen loyal fans You’ll get down on your mothafuckin’ knees And it’s time for your sickness again Come on and tell me what you need Tell me what is making you bleed We got two more minutes and We gonna cut to what you need So one of six so tell me One do you want to live And one of seven tell me Is it time for your mothafuckin’ ass to give Tell me is it time to get down on your mothafuckin’ knees Tell me is it time to get down

I’m blown to the maxim Two hemispheres battlin’ I’m blown to the maxim Two hemispheres battlin’ Suckin’ up, one last breath Take a drag off of death

lo fidelity all stars… lyrics fisk/smith

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