borderline cover

Something in the way you love me won’t let me be I don’t want to be your prisoner so baby won’t you set me free

as i listened to my healthcare provider tell me yesterday that i am approaching borderline high blood-pressure, i found my stomach tightening slightly. silently i am aware that i have gained more weight than i am okay with. i have been so busy with all the things i do that i keep convincing myself i am too tired and will be okay. conversely, i have been overeating candy that is out for public consumption in the back office, have rekindled my love affair with vanilla lattes and croissants in the morning and stepped up my in front of the tv time evenings after work. his words were not a surprise to me at all. i don’t have what is considered high blood pressure today, but unless i change my patterns and behaviors, i most likely will. this is most definitely like moving through life on a spiral. i know this road, or a road just like it, and what happens where the rubber meets this road? can i reflect the same show of good sense that is discussed by me on a gallimaufry of occasions? if i claim to want optimum physical and mental health, can i choose behaviors that reflect that desire. can i let go of behaviors that do not fit?

the eating problem is real. just as real is the sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise. the cardio that has worked for me for such a long time has fallen short of my needs this last year. but truthfully, i have been too lax to replace it. but as in all indulgences, there is an emotional component to all this. as i toss the m&m’s voraciously and repeatedly onto my tongue, i am most definitely soothing some sort of discomfort.

this must be a nike moment in my life… just do it.. sounds so simple…. doesn’t it?

couldn’t resist posting the jody watley version of this song.. it really connects with me..

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