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Peer recovery is experiencing rapid growth, whether it is provided by a peer recovery coach, peer recovery support specialist, or peer recovery mentor. Peer support services – advocating, mentoring, educating, and navigating systems – are becoming an important component in recovery oriented systems of care. Sharing recovery experience is deeply rooted in the addiction field, but it is a newer concept in mental health.

Colorado is currently in the completion stage of introducing the Peer and Family Support Specialist Credential which will encompass 3 types of peer supporters-/recovery coaches, peer support specialists for MH and Family Support Specialists. The credential is a collaboration with IC & RC and will have rereciprocity for professionals with other states that are IC & RC accredited.

This process brings some sense of standardization of skill levels and expectations for PSS to bring to the table when working with people and organizations. PSS for MH are already approved to be rendered payment for services through CO Medicaid programs. It is hopeful that the other types of peer support will also qualify for payment through those same Medicaid programs and create more employment access for PSS through State funded agencies.

COPA- The Colorado Providers Association is hosting the PSS credential. Input in the development of the credential was given through an Advisory committee made of up providers and peers from multiple modalities around the state. A smaller alternate committee has been created to see the credentialing process through to virtualization.

Here is the latest update about the process and where it stands.

I’m reporting to you and the members about the Peer and Family Certification Board.

  1. We agreed to keep the standards for the credential the same as decided by our larger group.

  2. It was decided to slim down the name because the acronym was very big. Peers will be called Certified Peer and Family Specialist. 

  3. We are looking for individuals who would be interested in creating a “stand alone web page.” We are looking for a full commitment from an individual. If you are good at this and have had experience, please send to Matt  Sundeen some web portals you have created. Think about what a bid might be for you.

  4. Matt will be reaching out to ask for 2 committees to be put together. One for “Marketing” and one for “Acceptable Trainings”. If anyone is interested please let Matt know which committee you would like to participate on. Matt’s e-mail address is if interested. \

  5. The next meeting is September 30th. 

The Standards for Colorado are :

Education: HS/GED, 60 hours with 10 hours each in first 3 domains. During Grandfathering period, applicants may count hours from trainings taken up to the last 10 years prior to the application date with some trainings being in the last 5 years. Persons outside grand parenting period can only count training in the last 5 years. 

Supervision: 50 hours, specific to domains, maximum of 25 hours of group supervision.

Experience: 500 hours volunteer or paid work experience specific to domain.

Must sign the Code of Ethics.”

for more information on recovery coach training- check out my website-

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