Come In From The Rain

it’s finally raining here after almost a month of 90+ degree weather and fires burning all throughout colorado, wyoming, and new mexico. during this drought, i have felt parched and arid emotionally as well. i have been working a lot at a lot and putting in hours and thought into quite a few projects and almost crashed. but then the rain came. it has slowed things down. it has made me stay in. it has cleaned the smoke from the air and offered respite. and i have taken it.

when i take the time to remember that i will be okay with or without any success or failure, i feel better. sometimes there seem to be so much riding on my decisions. this idea is true, but it is my decisions about serenity and priorities that are crucial, not my business decisions. it’s so so very easy to lose sight of what’s important.

and when i catch myself- it must be time to come in from the rain.

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