We are small, funky, not overly precious but delicious neighborhood joints filled with the flavors we have come to love over the years while visiting family and friends in Mexico. The food we serve is filled with tons of flavor and richness. It is, however, authentic to the basic flavors and presentations of Mexican food only to a point. The rest has all been created out of a desire to try new things with these flavors as the base. Our roots are based in street food. Little bites, affordable, quick and delicious. Comida is food that makes people crave it. See Our full Cantina menu.

went to comida restaurant tonight with mark wonder. it’s located at the source denver 3350 brighton boulevard. actually wanted to have a meal at acorn (also located there) but found ourselves at the bar at comida having a hella good meal.

we had queso fundido, and handmade ceviche (double yum)

then a carnitas griddled taco, a shrimp diablo taco, a chicken and poblano gordito, a rajas and crema gordito, and a shroom quesadilla.  we washed it down with watermelon fresca and pomegranite lemonade and finished our meal with apricot and rainier cherry cobbler ala mode. (triple yum)

run don’t walk to the source for an evening with friends. we were treated to an outrageous lightning show which seemed better than the 4th of july to me. i love my friends, i love food, i love great food, and i love my life. and more and more i am loving living in denver as she grows up.

#thesourcedenver #secondstagesobriety #emotionalsobriety #restaurants #food #stage2recovery #comida

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