Fear is generally a very uncomfortable feeling – Buddhists would call it therefore a form of suffering. We do not like to be afraid, but still, our fear can keep us from harm for example as it makes us hold back when we see a snake or a fast car straight in our direction. So, yes, we need to realize danger and be alert, but once we are alert, we cannot do much more than whatever we think is best in the situation. If we let our fear take over completely, we can even ‘freeze’ and become completely helpless. Similarly, many of us are afraid for quite irrational things, meaning things that do not really pose any threat to us. For example, fear of spiders, small enclosed spaces or large spaces. Life can become really difficult, simply because illogical projections and delusions are taking over our normal, rational mind and small things can begin to determine our whole life. In that case, we can start to talk about having a phobia.

questions come and go. certainty fades from light to dark with strange rythym and tone. i know and the i don’t. and then i think i know. color is not crucial today. it’s almost winter after all. introspection has been served up for nearly a month. it’s been a fasting of sorts that has left questions strewn about just like a tsunami might toss around lawn furniture.

and in the aftermath of a hurricane, one cannot deny the loss or struggle. but one definitely needs to let go, clean what debris one can, throw out the junk that’s ruined and re-asses needs and priorities before moving on. the consolation is movin on. not because i really want to, but because i can.

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