cruel to be kind

Spirituality can release blocks, lead you to ideas, and make your life artful. Sometimes when we pray for guidance, we’re guided in unexpected directions. We may want a lofty answer and we get the intuition to clean our bedroom. It can seem so humble and picky and that you don’t necessarily think of it spiritual guidance. Julia Cameron

the last week has flashed by me with a potpourri of memories like a 3 day music festival. i inherited the phalanges of an organization that has operated under an agreement field that is miles away from the world in which i inhabit.

i was under the impression that i could work with all the players on the team, but a larger truth soon reared its head and insisted that there would need to be a proverbial lightening of the load before anybody could start to travel up the long road ahead.

i think the least favorite part of any job i have ever inhabited has been the release of any person from service or services. i am beginning to realize that a small (or otherwise) business is very much like a family. if a family member’s behaviors are causing undue discord and that member refuses to change those behaviors then it is a call for tough love.

tough love often comes wrapped in words like “no”, “no more”, “good luck with your next chapter”.

the new gig has offices and so i am touching base with each entity and performing any edits deemed . two locations have seemed especially toxic. the editing process is in full swing and the removal of polyps, cysts, and warts is nearly complete.

my naivete reveals itself again. i forget that there is real racism and homophobia in our midst and how poisonous it is to health and healthcare. and how it hurts the people around me and ultimately me, too.

Oh, I can’t take another heartache Though you say you’re my friend, I’m at my wit’s end You say your love is bona fide But that don’t coincide with the things that you do And when I ask you to be nice, you say

You gotta be Cruel to be kind in the right measure Cruel to be kind it’s a very good sign Cruel to be kind means that I love you Baby, you gotta be cruel to be kind

Well, I do my best to understand, dear But you still mystify and I want to know why I pick myself up off the ground To have you knock me back down again and again And when I ask you to explain you say


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