Dancing On My Own


“We shield our heart with an armor woven out of very old habits of pushing away pain and grasping at pleasure. We push away what’s unwanted and grasp what’s wanted.”

There are are many layers to following ones’ heart. I have embarked upon a journey like this. I am encountering fear and discomfort. I don’t know what to expect. I anticipate much, but struggle with patience. I have survived so much in my life and it’s hard to believe that the unknown will be what destroys me. My mind, however, takes me there almost weekly.

I am learning that my own fear, my own nature really, is my greatest challenge. Destruction is not the catastrophe here- apathy is. I have endeavored into a jouney to grow my heat and feed my soul. I am helping others, though perhaps not at their pace or in sync with my own expectations.

I am trying to learn not to shield my heart. this is work.

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