Better it is to live one day seeing the rise and fall of things than to live a hundred years without ever seeing the rise and fall of things…Buddha

unless i’m mistaken, life has shown me a curious mental twist that i may inhabit. there is an underlying and primal urge to blow into the face of calm. this probably stems from a history of trauma and drama. mebbe i feel more at home with chaos than with serenity. this sounds insane. i understand however that this is a coping strategy. better to create chaos than fall into it while i am looking at the stars.

although depression is not the force majeur, i am now led to believe that it could be possible to rewrite the program. there is definitely an “ugh” beyond this “aha”. but beyond this “ugh” there is hope.

for this long term survivor, hope is not always in abundance. gratitude yes- hope- well not so much. the train has left the station is a mask i wear frequently. fear not here. there is no magic in this. i am naive, but not to the level that i might believe knowing a thing is the same at all as living and breathing a thing. i have to inhabit this idea of rewriting my emotional program now. for the last few years i have spent much time recognizing it- and some would say still working on it.

the break of dawn here is that moving forward may have opportunity. not just to recognize, but to galvanize and reappropriate and redistribute. hella lotta work. something worth working for, i’d say.

rewriting your emotional program (click here)

Well, I’m hiding my eyes from the morning sun And I keep on working till the work is all done But a voice in my head keeps ticking away As the sweat’s hosed down from yet another day

Well, he works hard And he lives hard And he breaks his back without nothing to gain While the boss man sits around and drinks champagne

All day In life, there’s just one transition All day In life, there’s just one decision

Well, I’m peeling the blisters off a working hand Is that what it takes to make you understand? That it’s something you read, not something you meant To be slaving away without a shred of integrity

He worked hard Oh, and he lived hard And he broke his back without nothing to say While the man in control was just laughing away

All day In life, there’s just one transition All day In life, there’s just one decision

In life, there’s just one transition

Was it something you read? Was it something you meant? Was it something you said? Or was it Heaven sent?????

 … Al Jourgensen

<ol> <li><a href='https://afterthepop.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/07-all-day-remix.m4a'>07 All Day (Remix)</a></li> </ol>

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