fallen angel

One word could wash them away One word could take their place One word could wash them away One word could take their place Tears Regretting nothing but the pain My heart my life my world is filled with rain I’m drowning when the curtain comes down and the circus is through No one is left but me you and all my tears…frankie knuckles

i met frankie knuckles while he was in the dj booth at the warehouse chicago in 1978 or so. it was a very memorable and exciting night for me. i had never experienced a dj reworking records the way he was. he had 3 turntables and big blunt burning near the decks. i specifically remember being very surprised at his pleasant and welcoming demeanor and his sweet manner. over the years, i never say any change in that armor that frankie wore. if i could ever think of a term for him it would be angelic.

i did not become great friends with him, but he was very integrated into my world especially through 1987. dave medusa (who introduced us) was a huge fan of frankie’s and was actively working to make his dream of opening a club like the warehouse. dave finally took the plunge in 1983, opening up his north side chicago dance hall and i tried to help him make that dream come true. frankie played the club a few times and was very generous with giving advice and insight to dave over the years.

there are just a few individuals , characters, artists, souls, who have had the impact on my heart and mind the way that frankie has. there have been moments in my history that i will  never forget nor replicate as i got lost in the magic that frankie would weave as he worked. his craftsmanship was transformative for me. i touched heaven on a couple of those occasions. and the truth in that has helped keep me feeling blessed as i have trudged my way to a happy destiny.

i am still saddened by the news of his loss. i am also still so so grateful that he came into my life (or i passed through his). i stumbled across this interview on the cloud and i found it comforting and insightful. give it a listen.

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