Finally it has happened to me right in front of my face

My feelings can’t describe it

Finally it has happened to me right in front of my face and

I just can not hide it

at the beginning of this year i turned in hours and supervision paperwork to accrue my addiction counseling certification level III. i have been concerned because it has taken quite some time to hear back from dora- (department of regulatory agencies) colorado. but today, i have received my paper version of my certification.

the delay has been frustrating. i had to forego a salary increase at the anniversary mark of my employment as it hadn’t arrived. i also missed out on applying for a position as a level III counselor and circumstances have shifted strangely due to this omission.

but i have to stay true to my beliefs and trust that all things happen as they should. i am moving forward now and it is the time for me to do so. have i mentioned that i really enjoy working with most of the clients? i get to care for them and remember my desire to do so. i get to be of service and work at being a life coach.

today is good news. and i am thankful.

with a post title like this, it should be no surprise that i am including the cece penniston number. it still gives me a feelgood.

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