I cannot even remotely claim to be an artist. I imagine. I create. I copy and mimic. I dream. I am entrepreneurial. I market, network, and build capacity. I sometimes even inspire. I would like to consider myself avant but never an artist. I have loved and admired both art and artists just as closely as food and water for as long I can remember.

it has not been easy to have the brain type that swims among inspiration especially while swimming along side those that can’t claim that gift. People grow weary of the abundance of ideas so pushback and criticism often run like piping along the hems of a cloak of creative energy.

I joke often that I have an idea every five minutes. Frankly, it feels just like that. It’s a blessing which has a dark side for sure. I get tired of my ides sometimes. Now and then I long to be flat. Dull. Uninspired. I just don’t roll that way.

Never have I claimed that my ideas are good ones. Or valuable. But they are my contribution to the world. And I know very well how blessed it is to have a gift to give.


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