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love the moss on stone above- it seems a metaphor for the work i am engaging in right now.

Heaven, is the whole of our hearts

And Heaven don’t tear you apart

Yeah, Heaven, is the whole of our hearts

And Heaven don’t tear you apart

There’s too many kings 

Wanna hold you down

And a world at the window

 Gone underground

There’s a hole in the sky

 Where the sun don’t shine

And a clock on the wall

 And it counts my time

… Psychedelic Furs

forgive me if i repeat myself, but i am a little agog with all the change in my work life. i can’t say they are happening because of anything i have done, but i can not say that my efforts have had nothing to do with this evolution as well. 

during the majority of last spring and summer, i had some goals aroung bringing some change to the culture at my workplace and i was independently taking some actions to develop a peer support culture within our treatment home with the intention of moving it in the direction of becoming a recovery oriented system of care (rosc). the process seemed to get stalled in late fall and i found myself feeling some disappointment and some frustration with the lack of progress. 

but recently i have been officially asked to pick up the reins of that had been laid down and infuse some life and nourishment once again into that direction. plus, our team has decided to work towards a grant to support this work and i am putting energy towards helping to design a framework for peer support services to sprout as organically as we are able to envision. 

i remember sharing with friends last year that somehow i had stumbled into what i might call a dream job. being able to envision, create, and infuse culture change and recovery into a largely dinosaured organization is something that represents the 4th dimension mentioned on pg 25 of the AA book- “We have found much of heaven and have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed.”

i offer this today as an exercise in gratitude. the tests that will follow- including my ability to follow through, to perform to expectation, and to support recovery and the people i am working leave room for concentrated effort. indeed, i am offered opportunities daily to review my past interactions and re-evaluate some relationships, responsibilities, and acquaintances i had thought i’d left behind. none-the-less, i am so very grateful to have my heart and my mind engaged like this right now. 

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