here comes the sun

But I wouldn’t be happy anywhere else

Nobody to tell us what to do, all by ourselves

Isn’t this a fine hello, I wish I hadn’t seen you go

It’s always been a bitter pill, the broken mirror’s broken still

The letters never made the post, a thousand more I never wrote

And here on dark unfriendly streets

I find the comfort that I seek

And I’m happy, and I’ve been happy,…shaun escoffery

today, the marketing rep who has been working with our department for the last few months came by today with a photographer to secure images for a brochure and some in house promotions.  the brochure will depict the peer support network that has ignited at our campus. 

the day was full, hectic, and lit by a very positive buzz. there are 4 individual peers chosen for tiny recovery bios, all of whom have been in relationship with methadone for over a decade.  we all took lunch together after the flashbulbs and the labyrinth of portraits. these conquerors that were heralded today let their inner lights shine as they spun tales of old which were braided with the changes upon the clinic and this new network. i am proudest most of the glee and incredulity involved when they talk about the changes they perceive. 

their joy was so big it filled my cup today. and i took a long cool drink. i love days like this. the  particular song posted  i first heard at an early morning jaunt at the endup in san francisco. the]morning light was bright, the sky a perfect blue, and the sense of peace that  encircled me like glenda the goodwitch. 

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