hey hey

Delight, enjoy. God is not a thing, it is an attitude, an attitude of celebration and festivity. Drop sadness. He is so close by; dance! Drop long faces, it is sacrilege — because He is so close by. Forget your childish miseries and worries; He is so close by. Don’t go on brooding about immaterial things; He is so close by. Allow Him to hold your hand. He has been waiting for you for long….. Osho

i am feeling a sense of celebration today. i am peaceful, i have worked hard all week and through this weekend and have very little ahead  of me today. supposed to go to the botanic gardens by chatfield preserve to visit the maize maze with a friend. have some work around the house to do, but really it’s a free day. friends, rest, laughter, sunshine, some good food, and a little music…….

it doesn’t need to get much better…… hey hey..

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