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Our Philosophy Meaningful Trainings frames, builds and sustains relationships based on our belief that the essence of human experience is shared. Our Mission Meaningful Trainings exists to build community, context, creativity and confidence among and between individuals and institutions . Meaningful Trainings Ethical Commitments All Meaningful Trainings partners, affiliates and coaches agree to adhere to the following standards of professional behavior and conduct: 1. Maintain reasonable competence in one’s area(s) of expertise. Primarily demonstrated by staying abreast and informed in that area of expertise via a high level of curiosity, interest and service to its viability & sustainability. 2. Act with integrity, recognizing one’s particular professional strengths and limitations, as well as one’s personal values, beliefs and requirements, especially as they relate directly or indirectly to their work with clients. If in doubt of one’s ability to provide appropriate services and/or to act with integrity, refer client to another service provider. 3. Communicate trainer/coach/client roles, expectations, fee schedules, confidentiality and privacy concerns as clearly as possible and review this ethics statement as early in the relationship as possible. 4. Maintain open and affirming principles and practices, not discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, recovery status, sexual orientation/identification, marital and/or family status. 5. Act professionally, responsibly and respectfully in all affairs, accepting that clients may hold beliefs, values and attitudes that differ from one’s own. 6. Remain aware of individual and/or cultural differences, but strive to eliminate any effect they may have on one’s work. 7. Refrain from participation in and/or knowing support of unfair and/or discriminatory practices. 8. Maintain confidentiality with regard to all professional relationships and practices in keeping with the requirements of individual conscience, institutional regulations and/or the law. Disclosure of confidential information may take place only with the express written consent of the client or legally authorized designate, unless prohibited by law. Disclosure may be compelled by law in certain circumstances. 9. Document all work appropriately, maintain, disseminate, store, retain, and dispose of records and data relating to one’s professional relationships and/or practice in accordance with all applicable legal requirements, protecting clients’ privacy at all times. 10. Exhibit and sustain concern for the ongoing well-being and success of the client.

i wandered upon a couple of websites related to the recovery coach training i love to do. they have provided me with a renewed perspective and spiritual nourishment i hope will sustain me for another part of our journey.

these sites- from the same origin- demonstrate a respect for the changes needed in our addiction/recovery system and provide stepping stones to advance us toward those changes.

The Recovery Dragon Philosophy

Recovery is defined as getting back what is ours. For those caught in the swirl of active addiction whether the addict or the affected, the process begins with the decision to choose recovery over the ravages of obsession and compulsion. No one can ever take that power to choose away. It is ours alone. Universally. Eternally.

Despite outside sources hoping to cajole, coax or convince us, ultimately, it is only by ourselves we make the decision to pivot in a new direction. Solely. Uniquely.

Decision made, we marshal resources. We seek advice, assistance, experience, perspective – the raw materials any human uses to move forward in a meaningful manner. This is where Recovery Dragon can help an individual in his or her recovery process. Presently. Powerfully.

and to go with this aspect (hopefully) of my future i will contribute some sounds from my past. a chicago nightclub named “neo” ended its 30 year lincoln park run. i used to drop in there on hodge podge nights and it always felt like the future. now i know it was.

here is the 1st night of the 3 night reunion celebration for neo 2015.  just a little bit of history repeating…

here is a copy of the list for the 1st night too. luvz me some jeff pazen and bud sweet.

have fun.. hope you find some inspiration.

<ol> <li><a href=''>Neo Nightclub -- Reunion 2015: First Night -- 20150723</a></li> </ol>

#80schicago #inspiration #neo #recoverycoachtraining

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