in the pit

“There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.”…. Budhha

in the pit now waiting for the moshing to really begin.

In The Pit

I really love the mosh pit, it’s the greatest place to be A place to let it all hang out and let your mind run free

You see our lives are complex, there’s pressure all around From bills & chores to family, the challenges abound

So we tend to all seek solace, to escape the daily grind For some the answer’s yoga, or meditation of some kind

But me I need an outlet, I need my heart to race So I head out to the concert floor and jockey for my place

It starts slow with the roadies, prepping all the gear Then the floor starts getting crowded as the opening draws near

As they tune up the equipment, I set my feet down square I’m feeling locked and loaded – I’m ready to fight bear

Then the lights fade out to darkness and a hush falls ‘cross the crowd But I know it’s just a brief reprieve, it’s about to get real loud

As the band steps out onto the stage, mayhem then ensues It’s like a clash of titans, some will win and some must lose

‘Cuz the rush comes on like a tidal wave and hits like a wall of flame The surge seems to last forever, but your stamina must not wane

The weak and scared and panicked, they flee the floor in fear While those that know the real deal, see a chance to push in near

But as you get your balance, a pit explodes just to your right If you didn’t know much better, you’d think it was a fight

But it’s really a camaraderie, a kinship we all share A chance to find nirvana, for those brave enough to dare

It’s time to play the rockstar and pump fists in the air I step into the mosh pit, as if I didn’t have a care

My senses are on fire, I hear every single sound Like Neo in the Matrix, it’s slow-mo all around

A sweaty pro comes flying in, I redirect him with one hand I know how to manage danger, yet still focus on the band

Keep an eye peeled for the throwdown, or flying pinwheel kicks If you are not careful, you’re sure to take some licks

I regulate the pit size, use my body as the wall This creates a better time for not just me, but all

Body surfers passing over head, you need to show some love A ‘leg-up’ to get started, respectful care when high above

It all sounds overwhelming, like some crazy twilight land ” And if you ain’t been there, you wouldn’t understand”

Newbies, posers welcome, but be sure to pay your dues Show respect to those of us who paved the way for you

We’re not your babysitter, but we’ll rally for ‘Man Down’ Just take it slow and easy, don’t jump in like a clown

Be sure to know the music, that is my strong advice Cuz the break it is about to hit and what happens won’t be nice

You see the break is not a rest, it’s more a tempo shift Not many bands can do it well, for some it is a gift

I’ll date myself as I share my list – I’ve been doing this for years Bellz will get me every time, Break Stuff moves me right to tears

A few LP songs can do it – Korn, Manson, SOAD or Rage Pantera’s Walk a classic, Iron Maiden shows my age

Yes there are some others – death metal, hardcore not for me We move in different circles but on one thing we agree

The feeling is unparalleled – it is our drug of choice The mosh pit it empowers us, united as one voice

So next time you feel beaten, and think no one understands Sit back with your iPod, and riffle through your bands

Choose the one that resonates and makes your juices flow Then get yourself some floor tix and just get up and go

Check your worries at the door and hit the floor with pride Once you learn all of the ropes, you’re in for one great ride

Remember when you’re out there, to try to make some friends Because much of your safety, on those around depends

That could be me right next to you so slip me the high-five Trust me when I say to you, you’re about to feel alive!

– Tom Berger (4/15/2010)


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