it’s kind of a funny story

last night i went to a co-worker’s open house in federal heights for a minute, then met jim and went to dinner at new saigon where we had soft shell crab with garlic sauce, curry and coconut mussels and beef with black pepper. i can’t say enough about how much i love spending time with him. somehow, i don’t feel as if i have to explain myself to him, nor do i feel apologetic for being as avid an advocate for developing programs or ideas as i have become. he has known me for 18 years or so and understands me and gives me perspective that i am unable to quite see.

after dinner, we went to see “it’s a kinda funny story” for the late show at the mayan. it was sweet, tender, and a bit balsamic. the performances are timely and relaxed, the script flowed easily like melted butter on popcorn, ad the idea that doing what we think we should be doing can be crazy making and that letting go of that particular mantra and spending time following our dreams, we may find some sense of sanity and serenity on the way. and with the exception of a couple of completely useless vomiting scenes, the film seemed easy and a good fit.

strangely, the cast of characters residing in the psych ward of the hospital did not seem very distant from the people i know in my life. i think they seem far more “normal” than the cast of “w” to me. music always lifts me and much of the music used for the background is from the sensational canadian ensemble “broken social scene”. however, the most memorable musical moment came during the music workshop at the hospital with all the patients gathered round to play instruments. our hero’s anxiety about singing takes us along on a fantasy about his fronting a glam band and performing queen and bowie’s “under pressure”.  a big debate between jim and i ensued, because i was sure this a late 70’s song, but he insisted it was 80’s. i also was sure it was bowie, but he disagreed. both of us were right and both of us were wrong. perfect..

good music. good film. worth seeing. maybe homescreen.

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