kooler than jesus



Kooler than Jesus? “I don’t believe you’re listening” Kooler than Jesus? “Hey! We gonna jump up and we go crazy a little for you all” Kooler than Jesus? “I was raised in Mississippi” “I am the electric messiah, the AC/DC god!” Kooler than Jesus? “You know darn well that they’re just manipulating you and that’s all” “That they’re doing…” “Alright, alright, alright everything!” Come on baby you can do it Isn’t that nice? Kooler than Jesus? Kooler than… God. “I don’t believe you’re listening” “Alright now look at me. I said look at me, don’t turn your face away” “I’m the looking glass you created to see yourself in!” Kooler than Jesus? “Have you taken leave of your senses?” “Satan!” “Don’t listen to them” “Somebody’s lying and it’s not me.” “You’re twisting my words!”

…thrill kill kult

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