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                                                                                             From Detox to the Courtroom – What is Legal Recovery?​

Advance Recovery Concepts  has created a hybridized training program within the field of substance abuse treatment; a professional who is trained to translate the language of a clinician into the language of a Courtroom.

A Legal Recovery Coach (or LRC) is a certificed substance abuse recovery coach, who has recevied additional training and certification in the field of legal recovery. Core course requirements include legal documentation, family and criminal law basics, and testifying as an expert witness.

Upon completion of the Legal Recovery Coach training program, these individuals will be able to provide random drug screening, and routine client follow-up.  This information is then available to their legal source as needed, to assist in the defense of the client within the legal arena.  Our coaches are also available to testify, offer support planing, and provide documentation to the Court as needed.  Each client is treated as the indiviudal they are in order to best ensure their chances of success.


CCAR- Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery and Advance Recovery Concepts  have recently teamed up to create a more nationally focused training for this boutique flavor of reocovery coach. I was fortunate enought to attend the inaugural facilitation of this new training. It was powerful, it was insightful, and it was inspirational. I can’t wait to return home to implement.

Tomorrow I will attend the TOT (training of trainers) and I am excited. It seems worth the trials and tribulations of travelling by air in wintertime. This does bring a shift to the conversation about drug laws and enforcement, recovery and the legal system, and the re-purposing of our forgotten comrades with misdemeanors and felonies and their ability to be productive members of our society. Stay tuned for ongoing information.

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