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i taught an alcohol class yesterday and i walked away from it with a knot in my stomach. firstly, i realized that 4 of the 5 persons in that class have taken or are taking psych meds to help them adjust to life. this is nothing really strange by itself i suppose, but it does seem strange that 80 percent of any group would be such.

but another anomaly is that they don’t even realize that their drinking habits may very well be connected to their psych issues. they might very well be over drinking to compensate for the way they feel. this may not be the case, but my own experience and my intuition tell me differently.

so when the discussion moved to drug on drug interactions, half life, and the changing effects of substances when they are mixed, i would hope that this might have struck home somehow, as i am well aware that when someone takes adderall and drinks alcohol, the impact of both are more severe than when they are taken alone. and that when these folks got tickets they were under the influence and it was obvious… i.e they got sloppy.

but it would seem that we only see what we are ready to see. and maybe what i see has no connection to their lives. or maybe they will connect to the information after they left. or more likely, they won’t ever see it. i know though that what i teach about is real and has impact.. even if i am teaching through leaded glass and barely anyone can hear.

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