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The 2020 launch of Embark/PCA Colorado's journey has been christened and our ship has left harbor. Embark/PCA is on a mission to advocate for Recovery Community Organizations (RCO's) statewide.

  • PCA finishes out its 1st year of our 3-year SAMHSA BCOR grant. The Telephone Recovery Support (TRS) has initiated using mobile technology and we continue to look for opportunities to provide support where it may be lacking. TRS is available in both English and Spanish.

  • PCA have partnered with other recovery advocates to open "RECO", a Recovery Community Center (RCO) in El Paso County

  • PCA implemented our Volunteer Intern Program (VIP) and TRS in collaboration with Don't Look Back Center in Arapahoe County.

  • PCA is currently engaging regionally to initiate and develop RCO's in Mesa, Larimer, Logan, and Pueblo counties. All 6 of these emerging organizations will be eventually offering Volunteer Intern Program, Telephone Recovery Support, Peer Support Groups, Recovery Coaching, and fully embracing multiple pathways locally. We continue to outreach for additional regional engagement while they remain independent from PCA. For more information on volunteering at any of our partners' locations- click here

  • PCA continues to work with local drug courts and sober living programs to increase the availability of local support for new recoverees using peer mentoring, VIP, and TRS programs. Professional development, community service, work experience, and recovery support are a by-product. This is only a fraction of the benefits an RCO can offer a community.

  • PCA is co-hosting a Virtual Learning Community for RCO's (Recovery Community Organizations) on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Eleven Colorado counties have signed thus far.

  • Faces and Voices of Recovery is facilitating an "RCO Bootcamp" which is a 2-day workshop on developing a healthy RCO is taking place August 6, 7 in Colorado Springs @RECO.

  • PCA has been included in 3 additional grants to extend our mission and look forward to implementation and more collaboration. Look for additional activities in Mesa and Pueblo counties.

  • Sober Happiness Hour begins Final Fridays of each month at RECO- OUTLOOK- is the name its been given. Music, laughter, sober community, connection and support are rarely in abundance in early recovery. Stop by our Community Center, give and get some support, and you will understand why we call it OUTLOOK.

  • PCA is collaborating with National Latino Behavioral Health Association expressly to include the Latino communities in Colorado in the current transformation of behavioral health. We are in discussions with 4 RCO's around Denver county serving communities of color, all of which completely falls in line with our goal to address health access and equity issues as we give back.

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