light my fire

You will face many challenges along your journey of transformation, but keep Persevering…. Every challenge and obstacle that you face is one that you will be leaving behind in order to move on…. You alone have the strength to allow so many positive lifestyle changes for yourself. With each step, you will emerge the Butterfly from the Cocoon. Vibrant and,Confident…. Rready to embrace your inner smile.

there is an overwhelming urge to move ahead with plans. and there is an underlying acend gnawing voice questioning my motives. it is not clear which path will emerge, but i am trying to listen to both.

addiction is often about filling a hole in the soul. my concern is that somewhere beneath all my rhetoric and good deeds, that there lies a need to fill a hole in my soul. if this new project is launched with this need to fill at the core, then is it a good intention?

or is the hesitation part of my childhood shame mentality? is it simply that i don’t believe i am good enough or worthy to do something without failing?

these questions roll over and over in head like the white numbered balls at a lottery drawing.

#rickymartin #josefeliciano #carlossantana #shame #shamebasedtrauma

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