mahogany sessions

i stumbled upon a vid with the name “mahogany session” and of course it caught my fancy. turns out it is a series of music that is posted on a blog by the name “mahogany blog”. there are hundreds of vids posted over the last 3 years or so. all are high quality(that i have seen) and most of the music speaks to me. 

when i looked at the “about” section of the site, i found this:

Mark Murdoch

Mark founded Mahogany back in 2009 whilst working at a large digital music firm in London. Having started it as a small personal music blog, he’s since seen it grow into something extremely special.

Humbled everyday by the opportunity to do what he loves best; Mark is the Editor of Mahogany Blog, Head of Music for the Mahogany Sessions and oversees the entire project.

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