If a tree falls in the forest and it hits a mime, would he make a noise?

i am twisting in the wind a bit as i struggle with my own nature. a project (peer support services)  i have been working on for a couple of years just became the subject of some accolade but without my name attached. i know that the larger part of me does not engage in projects for the notoriety, nor do i want to begin that trend now. but there is a small voice inside me whispering disappoinment and eluding to victimhood and it is driving me mad.

please remove this annoying character defect from me or at least help the greater part of me disengage with this discontent with rapidity and ease. help me remember the look of validation in a person’s eyes that results from the support our project generates.

on this day in 1983, ministry released their 1st album “with sympathy”. as a chicagoan from the lakeview neighborhood, i remember vividly as al jourgensen and his band(s) made a splash on our town that was heard around the world. and i hope genuinely hope al’s recovery is progressing well.

around the same time, there was another local ensemble that was throwing its hat into the pop culture ring- scarlet architect. their journey took a completely different direction.

#rosegrey #ministry #scarletarchitect #peercoaching #aljourgensen #iwantedtotellher

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