Mercury in Retrograde

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It has been a wacky wacky week both in Washington DC and in Denver City Park West. I have been moving slowly – as slowly as I can to avoid crashing into any more drama. It seems there has been enough comings and goings and goings on to satisfy any circuit party reveler’s appetite for the unexpected and outrageous.

It seems that an organization I have been collaborating with has drastically modified it’s mission which has put our collaboration in question. I don’t mind that they’ve changed as much as I do mind having to make new connections without much lead time or planning. Plus, just like everyone else, change is not my first choice.

Someone very close to me has been using meth again for about a month. They disclosed to me today, which was actually a kindness. I am not sure how to move forward, but I have to rethink our relationship and how close we remain. Stopping meth use remains sketchy (pun intended).  The dopamine rushes are quite powerful and there is no real evidence that this person has actually stopped using.


This has been a financially challenging month for me. Revenue previously counted on fell through and I am forced to make the best of it and re-strategize. I am leaning into my faith with fervor not channeled in quite some time.

I was also informed that a long time friend out of town has been taking benzos with regularity for at least 3 years now. This person has racked up 2 DUI’s and tried to stop the pills cold turkey. This ended them up in a local public hospital detox on the Mental Health ward with seizures which took time to identify. Our circle has been lovingly and frustratedly  encouraging a 60 or 90 day stay in residential treatment to really make an inroad on the benzo addiction. That benzo thing is a nasty bitch.

I have been listening to this 90 minute mix by Tom Trago several times over the last few months. I continue to be enamored with his style and his sensibility. Music really does help soothe the beast within. And my inner beast feels like a bear awakened during from hibernation only to find out there’s a friggin’ blizzard outside.

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Rush Hour is a music store in Amsterdam. They love to have dj’s play sets in their stores quite often. Tom Trago brings his nuance to his neighborhood vinyl store. Following is the set list.

Tracklist: Haron & Jeroen – Harpoen DJ Koze – Amygdala (Roman Flugel Remix) Quince – Rem Cool Peepl – Free pt.1 (Andres remix) Moodymann – No Floating Points – Sparkling Controversy Omar S feat L. Renee – Tonite Third Side meets nd_baumecker – Burning Jovonn – Ruff Mood II Swing – Searchin’ JTC – Escalator to Sorga Chesus AKA Earl Jeffers – Jump Cro-Magnon – Take Me Higher 2 Bitches From Queens – The Dip Kid Sublime – Basement Works Volume 1 KB Project – Feel it Moodymann – Dem Scoonies Borrowed Identity – Leave Your Life TT – Hidden Heart of Gold

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