Overdose Awareness

shoe drive hrac 2017

I know its a little late for the National Day of Awareness but since we have a Recovery Month Event 2 weeks later, we are taking liberties with the day and building an Overdose Memorial at the Recovery Music Fest on Saturday September 16, 2017 at the Colorado State Capitol. We will use old shoes tied to balloons to represent the 914 Coloradans who lost their lives to overdose in our state in 2016. That number rose from 872 in 2015. Our purpose in this is to create a community intention that reverses this trend while sending a visual picture to our lawmakers. The event information can be found at  www.pcasurrounded.com

All these Souls passing on and so little attention is given them. Our airwaves and newsreels are rife with happenings on other continents but so little focus on stopping this steady bleeding of love between our own shores. And with that 914 lost souls are an average of 3 other Americans left with grief and stigma and little else to speak of. Addressing this glaring criminal hypocrisy is another agenda of the September Awareness effort. We want family members to feel welcome, to feel seen and heard, and to feel loved by our communities who have personal and lived experience with feeling outcast and unloved. Let us love you up.

PCA is proud to be holding a fund raiser that day for “Harm Reduction Action Center” which is an organization working at ground zero with the IV drug using population. Their impact saves lives on a daily basis. Join us in supporting their efforts.


if you have been affected by overdose, please join us at the Capitol on September 16, Join our effort to raise our voices for change. Bring your conscience and your heart, tie a balloon on a pair of shoes and place them on the Capitol steps. Make an effort to open your heart. This may be the only way change can happen.

‘This is an issue that all Coloradans can come together on. Let’s stop our neighbors and friends from bleeding love.

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