peek-a-boo… the true you

half and half

Stabilize Your Mind Make Friends with Yourself Be Free from Fixed Mind Take Care of Others by Andrea Miller Pema Chödrön

this week has unveiled two separate parts of myself. there is the part that tries to promote philanthropy. i got involved in a situation with the intention of supporting someone else and what they represent,  as well as giving a chance to work together with intending to do more. the other is the more discriminating less accepting part of me. this is the part that often uses intuition and is connected to my inner voice that has kept me safe from harm my entire life.

these polar opposite aspects of the cool fool known as me have been dancing in a push me-pull me for the last 21 days or so. the inclusive part invited someone in the hopes a good direction would emerge. however the other part of me starting hearing whispers in his ear that something wasn’t quite right and this path may very well lead nowhere i wanted to go. and whispers have been whistling like the wind through the trees.

it turns out that those whispers that have been warning me when to turn, when to run, and when to freeze through my lifetime,  seemed to keep  time once more and save me from myself, again.

learn from the past…

and then get the hell out of there…. thom rutledge

peek a boo…. i c u… the true you..

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