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All know the Way, but few actually walk it. If you don’t find a teacher soon, you’ll live this life in vain. It’s true, you have the buddha-nature. But without the help of a teacher you’ll never know it. Only one person in a million becomes enlightened without a teacher’s help. If, though, by the conjunction of conditions, someone understands what the Buddha meant, that person doesn’t need a teacher. Such a person has a natural awareness superior to anything taught. But unless you’re so blessed, study hard, and by means of instruction you’ll understand.

denver is having a truly beautiful spring snow on this sunday. the tulips and the daffodils are suddenly wearing white faux furs and the sky looks like a humongous cumulus cloud trying to blanket the foothills.

i went to a meeting today,  committed to a speaking gig next saturday, secured dinner plans for after that gig, and replaced a wiper blade that fell from my car on the drive home during the snow.

broiled a filet, steamed an artichoke, made béarnaise sauce (a little vinegary) and nestled in and watched some reruns of white collar and man of steele.

i felt a little numb after last week. a couple of guys i know are in the hospital with complications from end stage liver disease. sadly, they have not become willing to stop drinking alcohol. it’s doubtful they will. i don’t know if i will ever get used to feeling helpless. but being a witness for others is part of my role.

i always use to say that i loved getting 2 dozen roses because they were so incredibly beautiful. i also used to keep them and admired them as they withered, died, and dried. i can’t say i feel the same for humans though. not the same experience whatsoever.

took my mother to see hotel budapest on saturday followed by lunch. the movie was as gaudy as the marble in the lobby of the hotel and i found it refreshing. it was a farce that didn’t try to hard, but hard enough and it included so many familiar faces that it was almost like watching the golden globes.

i changed that medication today. we’ll see within the next two weeks whether i have an allergic reaction (toxic) or not-  yippee!! borrowing time really does have some built-in costs.

going back to the 70’s- the group was average white band- they had a couple of hits that i remember. this is a cover which is longer. i found it to be well done.

#medication #secondstagesobriety #emotionalsobriety #12step #stage2recovery #hiv

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