pinch me

the most amazing thing happened to me earlier in august. i was at a gathering and i was introduced to this woman who had just had some recent notoriety with an article about her in our local paper. she had been the subject of a story of a woman with HIV and how she is dealing with it. I could really relate as I had a similar experience with a different paper and it really started me down a whole new path.

anyway, as she and i talked a bit , it became apparent that she was becoming a bit of an advocate and was interested in pursuing this path a bit more. i then asked her if she was interested in contributing to the newsletter I publish. She indicated she might be interested and we should exchange information before we left. as she was going, she did seek me out. I gave her the latest copy of the publication and she shrieked- yes shrieked- and said “I love this”. It has been my bible since I got my diagnosis. I have 3 or 4 issues with items circled and things I still plan to check out.

i was quietly gobsmacked. frankly, this doesn’t happen to me often. i don’t even know if it ever has. but i know that when it did happen, i felt a shift in my world. i could instantly sense that i really wasn’t doing this for myself. i couldn’t have hoped for anything more.

and still don’t.

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