planning for a future

Heart don’t fail me now

Cause there is no time to waste

Don’t shut me out, we shouldn’t wait another day…

I’ve searched for you, on my hearts high speed chase

Hear me out, may be the only chance to say

Hold me now….

I’ve said it Every Other Way

i spent about 6 hours today with my neighbors pulling up some xeriscaping, removing the fabric underneath, replacing it, trimming the junipers, and replacing the stone that was there. we removed 2 very large and overgrown junipers and had the roots pulled out, and will be replacing them with some very small “carol mackie daphnes” (pictured above). along with those will be 4 dwarf korean lilac trees, 7 hydrangeas- 3 blue and 4 white, and 8 variegated grasses.

i have been living in my house for 4 years now, and i am finally feeling grounded enough to work on the landscaping. i never would have tackled it alone, as i live in 1 of 5 row houses that wrap around a corner and there is a lot of ground to weed and give love. but the junipers next to the house have been there for over 10 years and are just way too overgrown and dead underneath to properly salvage.

i had seen the carol mackie daphne at a client’s home early this summer. i was taken aback by the green and yellow leaves and the simple and distinguished blossom. it had just as pleasant an aroma as it was easy on the eye. so i have been hoping to put one around my house. luckily, i found 4 at a nursery and they were on sale. i can’t wait to put them in the ground tomorrow. and even more, i am really excited to see them bloom next year.

this is definitely growth for me. i hope you can feel my smile wherever you are….

i am including this bt song with jes. i listen to this cd often when i am jogging the park. it fills me with a sense of something bigger  than myself. always a healthy position for me…

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