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Colleagues and Friends-

I have attached a flyer for the next Recovery Coach Training from Peer Coach Academy Colorado. Please consider sharing it with our colleagues and friends.

We have included 8 hours of Youth Mental Health First Aid to the Colorado training which totals 40 hours.

This really seems to add dimension to the 1/2 of recovery wellness planning training. 

Peer Coach Academy Graduates will be able to:

  1. Describe Recovery Coach role and functions

  2. List the components, core values and guiding principles of recovery

  3. Build skills to enhance relationships

  4. Explore many dimensions of recovery of recovery and recovery coaching

  5. Discover attitudes about self disclosure and sharing your story

  6. Understand the stages of recovery

  7. Describe the stages of change and their applications

  8. Increase their awareness of culture, power and privilege

  9. Address ethical and boundaries issues

  10. Experience recovery wellness planning

  11. Practice newly acquired skills

Peer Coach Academy also offers ongoing supervision and continuing education options such as:

Recovery Coach Training with YMHFA                             40 hours

Ethical Considerations for Coaches-                                 12 hours

Spirituality for Coaches                                                          12 hours

MAT/MSR – Medication Supported Recovery                  08 hours

Legal Recovery Coaching                                                       12 hours

Self Care for Recovery Coaches                                            12 hours

Youth Mental Health First Aid                                             08 hours

HIV Peer Mentoring

(in conjunction w/ healthcare partners)                           40 hours

Advanced MI                                                                               08 hours

and coming soon-

Recovery Basics for Family Members                                   08 hours

Recovery Coaching for All

Family, Friends and Colleagues                                             30 hours

Adult Mental Health First Aid                                                 08 hours

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