recovery grows in colorado


on September 17th 2016 at the colorado state capitol from 9am until 1pm we are hoping that hundreds of coloradans will get together and raise the roof on recovery capital at an event we are calling surrounded by recovery.

please consider joining us

as we circle the capital at noon and hold hands to raise awareness that recovery works and needs a voice. lets get this party started!!!!


surrounded by recovery is a combination of celebration of national recovery month combined with a consciousness raising effort to shine light upon some important issues in our state including:

  1. the prescription drug dependence and overdose epidemic that is affecting all 50 states but disproportionately in a few rural counties. a shift in approach to opioid use and treatment is needed now.  recovery oriented treatment.

  2. the ever increasing need to use treatment and recovery instead of incarceration.

  3. mental health and wellness need to combined and blended in treatment and recovery options as at least 1/2 of each discipline are affected by both.  mental health issues and substance use issues are integrated issues and need to be treated as such.

  4. families of origin and families of choice are invaluable resources and supports for persons seeking recovery. behavioral health dollars need to include more emphasis on families as well as individuals.

  5. recovery support and resiliency support by peers and prevention measures are quintessential to the majority of recovery success stories. all public money which is used for addiction and mental health issues  should include prevention, treatment, and recovery as part of every strategy.

  6. drug treatment can be effective, however it is not successful in an island. the treatment philosophy needs to change to a (rosc) recovery oriented system of care. treatment is a vehicle to get to recovery/resilience. recovery demands support to maintain.

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