return to oz

image credit… jasper goodall

He said is this the return to Oz?

The grass is dead

The gold is brown

And the sky has claws

There’s a wind-up man

Walking round and round

What once was Emerald City’s

Now a crystal town

It’s three o’clock in the morning

You get a phonecall

From the queen with a hundred heads

She says that they’re all dead

She tried the last one on

Couldn’t speak, fell off

And now she just a’wanders the halls

Thinking nothing

Thinking nothing at all

(lyrics.. scissor sisters)

today i talked with someone who is in the middle of the insanity of cravings. she has been substance free for about 2 months and has found herself adrift in her own emotions. the waves of feelings were visibly crashing upon her self-esteem. she seemed worn out from the pitching side to side that she must have been feeling.

i felt unequipped to console her in her process. one can’t continue to pick a scab if one wants it to heal without scar. but this message may not have been heard. there is not much ease in sharing logic with someone who is wearing their “emotional” outfit.

i recognized the combination of frustration and fear that she wore. it didn’t fit, but it looked familiar on her. she ended our chat abruptly and escaped as quickly as she could.

yet again, i understand that i am not the great and powerful oz.

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