i had an encounter with a colleague today which was creepy and foreboding. i remembered after a bit of time elapsed that when someone feels threatened, they often strike out in tandem with the flight or fight response system. it hadn’t dawned on me that i would fit that particular bill for this person.

i do know that the recent months have not been easy for this person. i didn’t really know the extent of the stress until about a month ago, i was included in some subtle rants and spewing which bubble up and out accidentally. i know that this person does not feel as if they are being treated or dealt with fairly and has engaged in systematic alarm ringing and whistle blowing as the winds of change whip through our lives. i also am now much more keenly aware of witnessing 2 very different realities playing out simultaneously. truth must be that the perception of reality are the differences- the events are one. .

i understand again that opportunity always includes hidden costs. in this case, i am at the receiving end of someone else’s dance of fear. this is simplistic of course, but i do know that the work i am involved is creating visibility. which makes for an easier target.

i like to think i played it cool today. but i can’t be sure i’m cool at all anymore. i do know that the scent of sabotage took hold of my day. what is there to learn about myself and my place in the world from this?  i guess i’ll just wait for the next act in this play in hopes of a another clue.

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