silence for the ring of fire

Indonesia volcano 2010 update. The volcano eruption of Mount Merapi in Indonesia is one of the natural disasters to hit Indonesia in recent weeks. Actually, Mount Merapi erupted twice killing several people and leaving many others displaced. There have been 38 deaths attributed to the eruptions, compared to tens of thousands of displaced people. Continued eruptions have made it so that some international flights are canceled, and many shelters for evacuees have reached capacity. Many people prefer to sit around and watch news reports on the volcano, as aid work has been delayed due to the continued eruptions. The volcano is expected to continue burping gas and ashes for weeks, which could lengthen the time that refugees must stay in shelters. People are growing restless and bored, and devastated people have heard that their homes have been destroyed. After Mount Merapi’s eruption, experts noted an uptick in other volcanic activity in some of the 21 volcanos around the region known as “the Ring of fire.”

World by Aiden Kyle Indonesia Volcano 2010 Update November 2nd, 2010 reposted from CNM News Network

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