skateboard as metaphor


my life can be such a workout. i don’t mean exercise as much as i infer the ongoing pull of experiencing and enduring, reacting and over-reacting, holding on and letting go, forgetting and remembering. it can be quite exhaustive as well as invigorating.

i try to come back to the centering idea that showing up, getting on the board, allowing space for crashing and falling, and leaving room for picking up where i left off and also for starting over if needed.

i sincerely hope that the joy of all of it comes back into view again. until then, it’s back on the board for me.

Buddha by accident 

reposted from buddhaweekly I found the way of the Buddha in my own way and entirely by accident. Had I not previously studied Buddhism I still would have felt the same sense of inner peace riding on a skateboard, but may not have recognized the value of it. An everlasting value that is now a part of my daily routine. I have no purpose, I simply ride. The Buddha nature of skateboarding is more common the more I continue to ride – without any expectations.

As skateboards are made primarily of wood, I feel a connection to nature – even in the most unnatural urban settings. I know that the growth of a tree, and the wood it consists of, allow me to take nature into my hands and explore the world. It allows me to set aside my thoughts, feelings, and desires and just ride. The pleasure of skateboarding without any attachments to fancy tricks or stunts has given me a new way to look at the world, pay attention to it, and move forward through it. No two rides are the same, and something new is always experienced.

The frustration of meditation, I found was in my approach. I actively sought liberation. Through zen skateboarding, the sense of liberation finds me – there is no search, it comes naturally and on its own terms. I willingly accept this as the nature of zen skateboarding – you cannot find liberation in riding the skateboard, but if you pay close attention, such liberation may find you. The rewards are great, and the freedom and inner-peace I attain are priceless experiential moments of liberation.

The skateboard has become my personal vehicle and yidam. With a piece of plywood with 4 wheels underneath, I become a rolling buddha that is aware and accepts every moment for what it is – nothing more, nothing less. Zen skateboarding is my yidam and I personally cannot imagine a better teacher or guru – the skateboard itself does it all so well.

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