smashing new obsession

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i have become enamored with a monday night television show about the creation of a broadway musical about marilyn monroe. the name of this show is “smash”. here are 7 reasons i have become a glutton.

1) i am reminded weekly how very resilient and very vulnerable we all are 2) i get to remember that life and relationships are messy sometimes 3) i love broadway and musical theatre after all i am gay 4) debra messing works this role. she’s mesmerizing 5) the running marilyn theme charms the pants off me 6) angelica houston sipping martinis in an east village gay bar seems both highbrow and lowbrow at the same time. total camp… LOVE 7) katherine mcphee’s performances consistently create a good feeling in me. She’s damn good.

thank you my beautiful universe, for this unexpected joy. it certainly is a smash for me!!

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