“All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?”

have been watching the “sonic highway” series that dave grohl and the foos have done for hbo. it has, for me, seemed like watching a magic trick. it looks so simple, but what it reveals is almost unbelievable.  the docu-series’ intimate glimpses into the underground music cultures of several american cities stirs the echoes of my infatuation with “alternative” as a philosophy.

the music industry is undoubtedly multi-layered. most of the moths attracted to its light ever make it to a level that is known as success. but success is only a carrot that doesn’t even begin to describe the allure that music and the music business emanate. my thought is that the actual music itself is the draw- not the success.

i connect to this agenda via my own allegiance to blogging. i have utilized this medium for about 7 years now.  it grounded me during my early recovery and gave me a place to purge a myriad of confusing feelings and ideas. it was not  the idea of fame or success in this process that was a hook for me. the motivator has been the benefit of participation. when i began, i had no idea that i had submerged the memories of shame based trauma nor did i have any clarity on my developed survivial skills and strategies. through continued practice though, the benefits have proven to be priceless and i continue to blog as a spiritual practice. once in awhile, someone will encounter my efforts and find connection. this is a bonus when it occurs, but it is not the motivation. my relationship to this process is the end game.

grohl’s experience touches on this theme. his approach to music seems to be a spiritual practice. it is encouraged that all american music enthusiasts peruse through the foo fighters’ documentary series. it is like peeking in through the back panel of the freak show tent at the circus. for me the hook has never been the stage appearances or starring roles that merit adulation as much as the gritty grist for the mill that artists must trudge through every day. the romance in breathing in the dark is just as critical as the day in the sun.

it comes across very clearly that dave grohl has respect for what he does as well as admiration for his contemporaries. this is a clear demonstration of integrity which is not my experience of the norm these days. my respect and admiration for dave grohl and his voyage into his soul. sonic highways has been an incredibly worthwhile journey for me too.

Nothing left within, I’ve been mined Hell and back again, subterranean I’ve been digging in down inside I will start again, subterranean But the truth is so unkind What do you know, how low the sky Yet the truth is so unkind What do you know, how low the sky

You might think you know me I know damn well you don’t Oh no, oh no, you don’t

You might think you own me I know damn well you don’t Oh no, oh no, you don’t

Buried my heart, cannot go this alone And I might think you love me But I know damn well you don’t Oh no, you don’t

Bring all your lies leave them deep in the dirt Oh no, you don’t Pull down my eyes Lay me deep in the earth

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