sunday sounds

“Jungle invades the weed grown parks where armadillos infected with the earth eating disease gambol through deserted kiosks and Bolivar in catatonic limestone liberated the area.””The name is Clem Snide – I am a Private Ass Hole – I will take on any job any identity any body – I will do anything difficult dangerous or downright dirty for a price -”

“Evening touched our rectums.”….. William S Burroughs “The Soft Machine”

my intention is to start a sunday posting with some exciting (to me) sounds that make up my weekend. today is another offering from “other people” with dave harrington and nico jaar helping to steer this collaboration. the mix starts out with burroughs doing one of his infamous book readings – this one inspiring the title “the soft machine”. (we human beings are the soft machine btw)

i love the music. i hope you do too!

#nicolasjaar #music #secondstagesobriety #daveharrington #darkside #soundcloud #stage2recovery #otherpeople

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